Coffee Marie


Marie with a naughty twist! Pure coffee sourced from the misty hills of Wayanad turns this Coffee Marie into a high-energy kick for the taste buds! So original, so unputdownable!

A delicious treat infused with pure coffee sourced from the misty hills of Wayanad. This unique twist on the traditional biscuit is guaranteed to deliver a high-energy kick to your taste buds. With its original and unputdownable taste, you won’t be able to resist this tempting snack. Give in to your cravings and savor the irresistible blend of coffee and biscuit in every bite.


Refined wheat flour (maida), sugar, refined palm oil, invert sugar syrup, milk products (milk solids & sweetened condensed partly skimmed milk), raising agents (503ii & 500ii), iodized salt, nature identical & artificial (milk & vanilla) flavouring substances, emulsifier (472e), calcium salt and dough conditioner (223).