Thin Arrowroot


The crisp, dieter’s delight is so light, yet fills you with super energy. This tummy-friendly treat is very, very yummy too! Have it as a snack or just a feel-good gift to yourself.

Indulge in our crispy delight that not only satisfies your taste buds but also fills you with super energy, making it an excellent choice for those following a diet. This treat is not only light on your tummy but is also incredibly yummy, making it the perfect snack or even a well-deserved feel-good gift to yourself. Enjoy the guilt-free pleasure of our delicious and energizing snack that’s sure to leave you feeling satisfied and revitalized.


Refined wheat flour (maida), sugar, refined palm oil, edible starches (maize starch), milk products (milk solids & sweetened condensed partly skimmed milk), raising agents (503ii & 500ii), invert sugar syrup, iodized salt, emulsifiers (322(i) & 472e), artificial (butterscotch) flavouring substances, dough conditioner (223), colour )150d) and improver (1101(i)).