Diegestive Fit Bite


The whole wheat inside makes this fibre rich biscuit so digestion friendly. Your best friend when planning a healthy diet. Its nutrient lift to your body makes it an important addition to a solid meal plan

Our fiber-rich biscuit with whole wheat on the inside is the perfect digestive-friendly snack that should be a staple in your healthy diet plan. With its nutrient-packed goodness, it provides an essential boost to your body, making it a vital addition to your daily meals. Enjoy the benefits of a healthy snack that not only satisfies your hunger but also nourishes your body. Make our biscuit your new best friend in maintaining a balanced and healthy diet.


Refined wheat flour (maida), wheat flour (atta), refined palm oil, sugar, wheat bran, liquid glucose, milk solids, maltodextrin, raising agents (503ii & 500ii), iodized salt, emulsifiers (322(i), 471 & 472e), malt extract, nature identical & artificial (vanillin) flavouring substances, and dough conditioner (223).