The Craze to offer the choicest ingredients

The Craze range of biscuits and baked confectionery uses the choicest ingredient sourced from all over India. Rich golden grains, cashews from prime estates, aromatic, world renowned Idukki cardamom, super flavourful Wayanadan coffee beans, wholesome milk and butter, and choicest cocoa go to make every Craze product a treat for the taste buds.


Special Cardamom from Idukki

Sharp green cardamom from Idukki, is one of the world’s most aromatic spices and they make Craze Biscuits all the more special.

Wayanadan Coffee

Antioxidant-rich and flavourful, wherever it’s added it creates magic

Best Cashews

Picked in their prime and golden roasted for a rich, creamy nutty crunch


Got from renowned cocoa plantations

Pure Butter

Pure Butter made from farm fresh whole milk.