The Craze to offer world-class quality

Kerala’s largest food factory is ready!

The AZCCO group’s food factory is located in the Kozhikode Kinaloor Industrial Development Center with an area of ​​one lakh square feet. It is Kerala’s biggest factory and is an ode to modern technological advancements in food manufacturing. Top-of-the-line machinery has been sourced from around the world and every process inside adheres to the best international standards in food hygiene and safety.

See, no hands!

The factory is designed in such a way that there is very minimal human contact with the product. From feeding the raw material to getting the final output, the whole process is completely automatic. All amenities like accommodation for workers, backup power plants, and a proper water treatment plant are in place. Craze has now hit the market with a range of recipes prepared by world-class biscuit makers and international food technologists.

The craze for top-quality standards

Inside the Craze factory, everything is of global standards.The factory follows international best practices and maintains highest standards of hygiene and quality testing. But we don’t stop with machines. Great food needs human creative genius and we have a team of celebrated chefs and experienced food technologists manning the plant. Their expertise, their genius in creating new and excitingly different flavors are the reasons that Craze can confidently say that we can launch new flavors every season!