Cashew Cookies


Nutty cashews make this cookie nutrient rich. A smart snack that powers you with energy and vitality. Our cashews are grown from the world famous orchards of Kerala, where they are golden roasted to add unbeatable flavour to the cookies.

Indulge in our nutrient-rich cookies, packed with the power to energize and revitalize you, thanks to the addition of deliciously nutty cashews. Our premium cashews are sourced from the world-renowned orchards of Kerala, where they are carefully roasted to a golden perfection, adding an unbeatable flavor to every bite of our cookies. Enjoy a smart snacking option that is both delicious and nutritious.


Refined wheat flour (maida), refined palm oil, sugar, nuts (cashews), invert sugar syrup, milk solids, raising agents (503ii & 500ii), butter, iodized salt, and emulsifiers (322(i), 471 & 472e) contains permitted synthetic food color (102), and added flavours (nature identical and artificial (milk & vanilla) flavouring substances