Caramel Fingers


Real cinnamon from renowned spice hills of Kerala fills these dainty biscuits with unbeatable flavour and heart warming goodness with antioxidant power. Perfect for weight watchers.

Experience the unbeatable flavor and heartwarming goodness of real cinnamon sourced from the renowned spice hills of Kerala in every bite of these dainty biscuits. Not only do they satisfy your taste buds, but they also offer antioxidant benefits, making them an excellent choice for those who are health-conscious, including weight watchers. So indulge in these delicious treats and enjoy the natural goodness of Kerala’s finest cinnamon.


Refined wheat flour (maida), sugar, refined palm oil, brown sugar, liquid glucose, natural cinnamon powder, raising agents (503ii & 500ii), iodized salt, emulsifier (472e), calcium salt and dough conditioner (223), natural color (150d)