A perfect snack to uplift a lazy afternoon and bring a sweet, little dark adventure in! These indulgent chocolate sandwiches, of dark, crisp chocolate biscuits with chocolate and vanilla cream between are a treat by themselves.

Match them with hot tea or spicy samosas or just share them off the pack with your friends and see the party swing to life.

An ideal snack to brighten up a leisurely afternoon and infuse a touch of sweet, dark excitement! These decadent chocolate sandwiches feature rich, crunchy chocolate biscuits filled with a luscious combination of chocolate and vanilla cream, creating a delightful treat on their own.


Refined Wheat Flour, Refined Palm Oil, Edible Maize Starch Colors (150a, 150d, 122,133 & 102), Cocoa Solids Milk Solids, Rising Agents (503ii & 500ii), Nature Identical & Artificial (Vanilla, Chocolate Milk & Milky Cocoa), Flavoring Substances, Emulsifiers (322(i)& 471), Iodized Salt.