A craze for Craze

The Craze range of biscuits and baked goods is brought to the market by the AZCCO Global group led by their visionary chairman Mr. Abdul Azeez Chovanchery. Mr. Chovanchery comes with a solid background of running several successful enterprises in the Middle East and Africa, for over three decades. His exposure to the world of enterprise and business began very early in childhood. Mr. Chovanchery’s grandfather was a prominent merchant and he began assisting him in the business while in school itself. He quickly mastered the lessons of trade from his grandfather. Armed with this knowledge, Mr. Chovanchery left to further the family’s commercial interests in the Gulf, and he became one of the first to run a successful retail business which focused on the needs of Southeast Asians, in KSA. The success of this enterprise led him to expand his area of business into North Africa and other places. Once he had tasted success in the world market, Mr. Chovanchery was ready for a bigger challenge! His deep insights into the buying habits of people revealed to him that the world was turning towards healthy and wholesome food alternatives. This led him to make a crisp entry into the biscuit and confectionery business.

Craze and Mr. Chovanchery

When Mr. Chovachery went to the Gulf, colour TV had just arrived in the country. The then Craze Biscuit advertisement which came with the jingle created by the famed composer AR Rahman was a commercial hit. So were the products. Craze Biscuits became a brand that made many Malayalees nostalgic. Today, the brand that once had a large market share in Kerala is now under the entrepreneurship of Mr. Abdul Azeez, who is fully geared to give it an international makeover. He has invested multiple crores in Kerala to revive the Craze brand of biscuits and with the sterling support of the Kerala Government has introduced the scrumptious treats to the people of India and the Gulf countries.